Volunteers needed for local pantry

18th January 2024

Deal Area Foodbank is working with Your Local Pantry, and has developed a  site at the Welfare Club, Cowdray Square. The space has been developed with local tradesmen, and is expected to open fully at the end of February/beginning of March.
We are appointing a  Pantry Coordinator shortly, and will then be actively recruiting  volunteers to  work in the food store. Members will pay a membership fee when attending,and will then be free to choose from a  wide variety of ambient/fresh/chilled and frozen foods  to suit their families needs, in the same way as when shopping generally. It is expected that the Pantry will open initially for two sessions each week, increasing as membership grows. Volunteers’ tasks will include all aspects of storing and displaying food, replenishing food stocks,being available for members who wish to spend time chatting, offering refreshments, and ensuring  a relaxed and welcoming environment.
If you are interested, please contact Sheila Ward at [email protected] 01304 728428
Full training will be available for all volunteers in February

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