Update Shopping List – to reflect our current needs

31st January 2023

Updated shopping list. If you are able please consider donating.
If you are need of a little support in these tough times please call 01304 728428 or 07926 599439 or email us at [email protected]
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Shopping List

Urgently Needed Please

We have identified items that we’d like more of and would love to receive, which are as follows:

Cleaning Sprays Curry Sauces
Puddings/Kids Puddings Sweet and Sour Sauces
Tinned Tomatoes Salt and Pepper
Tinned Carrots Washing Tablets/Pouches (small packs)
Tinned Mixed Veg Cleaning Products

We Have Plenty At The Moment Thanks

Such has been the response these last few weeks we find that we have amassed a wealth of the following items and therefore presently do not urgently need these to be donated:

Baked Beans Pulses
Cereal Cold Meats
Hot Meats Pasta

Tinned Fish


Tinned Custard



Tinned Soup

Squash Cuppa Soup

Dog and Cat Food



Bars of Soap

Collection Points

If you are able to drop off food donations, please see the list below for our collection point locations.

Sainsburys Deal CT14 6AH

Aldi Deal CT14 6FN

Co-op Food Mill Hill Deal CT14 9EZ

Co-op Hamilton Road CT14 9BE

Tesco, Mill Hill CT14 9HZ

Co-op Food Sandwich CT13 9AL

Co-op Food Aylesham CT3 3DY

Nationwide Deal CT14 6HE

Nationwide Sandwich CT13 9BN

Golf Road Centre, Deal, CT14 6PY

Some schools and churches also have collection points

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