BanktheFood Mobile Phone App

23rd January 2023

Deal Area Foodbank has signed up for this simple but effective Mobile Phone App.
It allows us to highlight the items the Foodbank is currently running low of on a weekly basis and allows our supporters to easily keep up to date so they can donate what we currently need.
We can then help people within our local community with food and household items.
Please take a look and maybe load up the App too.
From BanktheFood …
The need for food banks in the UK is higher than ever before. Our charity is on a mission to make sure food banks get exactly what they need, when they need it.
How does BanktheFood work?
✔️The first step is for a local food bank to sign up to BanktheFood by downloading the app on any of the app stores ( and registering themselves by following the simple instructions.
✔️Once the food bank has listed all its needs, local residents can simply sign up to the app, and “follow” their food bank. BanktheFood, will send users a helpful little ping with a reminder of the shopping list, when they are in the vicinity of one of the local drop off points. A quick reminder such as “Southend food bank needs tinned puddings, jam and tinned ravioli” will remind shoppers to donate at the exact time the reminder is needed – when they are entering the supermarket. Shoppers can then choose what they would like to buy and leave their donation in the food banks’s donation box at the supermarket, knowing that they have given exactly what their food bank needs.
✔️The food bank will be alerted of the donation via BanktheFood app.

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