Live in Sandwich & need a Foodbank?

19th November 2018

We are here to provide short-term, emergency support in a crisis. Firstly, you will need to get a voucher, available from one of our local agencies:

  • Phoenix Centre, Jubilee Road, CT13 0QP 01304 611106 Mon–Friday 9 – 2pm
  • CAB, Guildhall Cattle Market, CT13 9AH 0344 848 7978 Thursday 10–3pm
  • Community Warden, Karl Aylett 07811 271 299 [email protected]

Your nearest Food Outlet is: The Phoenix Centre, Jubilee Rd, Sandwich CT13 0QP

Bring your voucher on Thursdays 1–3pm. Please note that this Outlet is closed on 27th December

For more information information : 01304 728428

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